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On this put up, we’ll cowl every kind of questions concerning all three CogAT – Grade 3-5 batteries. To study extra in regards to the CogAT take a look at, learn all our posts in regards to the CogAT take a look at. The query isn’t categorized below Batteries. When you’re in search of battery exams, try our different posts on battery exams.

query 1:

Expert, skillful, creative, ?

A. desolate B. orderly C. dexterous D. allied E. logical

    Query 2:

    Grasp —> Slave: Feminine —> ?

    A. trend B. model C. certainty D. man E. child

      Query 3:

      Query 4:

      He’s in opposition to his grasp’s favor.

      A. seems to be B. books C. likes D. plans E. runs

        Query 5:

        He was ____________, however he mustered up the braveness to attempt once more.

        A. cheered B. cleared C. happy D. happy E. disillusioned

          Query 6:

          Itching, pitch, swap?

          A. wealthy B. area of interest C. glitch D. bleach E. stylish

            Query 7:


            A.18 B.19 C.15 D.16 E.14

              Trace: sum of numbers

              Query 8:

              33+? = 67 + 89 – 43

              A. 90 B. 80 C. 70 D. 113 E. 103

                Query 9:

                2, 9, 16, 23, 30,?

                A. 38 B. 39 C. 37 D. 23 E. 29

                  Query 10:

                  I hope this helps, thanks.

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Top Selling Multipurpose WP Theme


Top Selling Multipurpose WP Theme


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