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Trendy technocrats are ruining our meals by quickly heating milk to 240 levels, zapping it within the microwave, irradiating it with radioactive substances, spray drying it at excessive temperatures, extruding it at excessive temperatures and pressures, and embalming it with sugar. I’ve discovered some ways to do it. Now, a brand new expertise has emerged that applies ultra-high stress to a wide range of human, pet, and child meals.

HPP — Excessive Strain Processing

Excessive Strain Processing (HPP) is outlined as “a non-thermal meals and beverage processing expertise based mostly on the appliance of excessive ranges of hydrostatic stress delivered by water, which has a number of advantages for meals and beverage corporations.” . The stress is 1,000 occasions larger than the stress of air at sea degree, and is equal to the water stress in an ocean trench.

You possibly can learn all about this at and see the way it works for juices, ready-to-eat shelf-stable meals, and “uncooked” pet meals. HPP opens oysters with out the tough shelling course of. After processing, simply open it by hand and the oysters (albeit barely discolored) will come out easily. This course of makes it simpler to peel crabs and lobsters from their shells.

Examples of pressure-processed merchandise at present available on the market in the US embrace fruit smoothies, guacamole, meat and vegetable prepared meals, oysters, salad dressings, hummus, ham, rooster strips, fruit juices, salsas, and fruit purees. there’s. Infants. You’ll not see a particular image (with regard to irradiation) indicating whether or not the product has undergone his HP remedy, however you may even see the phrase “pasteurized”.

The meals trade claims that “HPP has the potential to provide high-quality meals that exhibit contemporary meals traits, are microbiologically protected, and have lengthy shelf lives.” The declare that HPP meals are “microbiologically protected” shouldn’t be precisely true.

What are the long-term well being results of consuming HPP meals?

2008 evaluate1 The paper entitled “Excessive Strain Processing – Impression of Microorganisms on Meals Security and Meals High quality” investigated the results of excessive stress processing on varied pathogenic microorganisms and located that not all of them may very well be eradicated. Ta. The researchers discovered that the spores are notably proof against excessive stress, simply as they’re proof against warmth.

However what we actually wish to know is the well being results of consuming HPP meals – the long-term well being results. Nobody actually is aware of, because the trade plunges headlong into high-pressure processing.

There aren’t any research within the literature on long-term feeding of HPP meals to mice or rats, and even canine fed “uncooked” HPP pet meals. I discovered one examine by him revealed within the Journal of Dairy Science in 2019.2 This can be a examine of feeding HPP colostrum to calves. The researchers mentioned:

“The outcomes of this examine recommend that high-pressure processing of bovine colostrum reduces bacterial and viral counts whereas sustaining acceptable IgG ranges.” Nonetheless, the next was additionally noticed:

“Calves fed pressure-treated colostrum had comparable serum IgG however had decrease absorption effectivity than calves fed heat-treated colostrum.” [emphasis added]. Modifications in viscosity generally made feeding calves tougher, however nonetheless viable. Extra analysis is required to optimize this expertise for on-farm use. ”

The meals trade is salivating on the thought of ​​making use of HPP to exploit. The primary firm to do that was Villa de Patos, a Mexican firm that claimed it was “contemporary” (i.e. “uncooked”) and that refrigerating it will prolong its shelf life.

HPP Dairy Expertise

Just a few years later, the New South Wales Meals Authority accredited the commercialization of HPP milk in Australia. An organization known as Made By Cow developed a course of to “safely produce unheated, unhomogenized milk” and marketed it as “protected uncooked milk.” In truth, the processing made the milk barely thicker and yellower, permitting even Holstein milk to imitate the consistency and coloration of Jersey milk.

With uncooked milk gross sales sturdy and pasteurized milk gross sales declining, it’s anticipated that the dairy trade will launch “cold-processed” pressure-processed milk in the US.Does this milk have the identical advantages as actual uncooked milk? A letter revealed within the Summer time 2021 situation of Clever Traditions3 signifies that the reply isn’t any.

“For a few years I’ve been consuming uncooked milk from a free-range dairy farm known as Gaboritte in France.” wrote the correspondent. “Nonetheless, as a result of coronavirus and border closures, now we have not been in a position to receive this milk for 11 months and have been compelled to drink different milk from Switzerland.

After I began having issues with my tooth, I puzzled if my native “uncooked” milk (romilch in German) might need been heated (cooked), if to not the temperature of pasteurization. I am beginning to doubt it (or it may very well be microfiltration or one thing).

The factor that the majority aroused my suspicions was {that a} good friend of mine who appeared to have a milk intolerance (and hadn’t drank animal milk in 20 years) sneezed (and had a black eye) a couple of minutes after taking a sip of it. It was an expertise that made me flip crimson. “Native” Romilch.

She made it clear to me how pissed off she was by this expertise and berated herself severely for giving in to my advances. However I’ve to confess that I used to be the primary to be shocked by the fast onset of her response after she had simply taken a sip. I had concluded that she was most likely one of many few individuals who really can not tolerate animal milk, even uncooked milk.

Nonetheless, after a number of weeks she agreed to check Gaborit’s milk (from Jersey cows) and I used to be in a position to receive the milk once more. Not solely did she not react to it, she felt so a lot better that she drank your complete glass after half-hour.

My dentist confirmed that within the 11 months I did not drink Gaborit milk, I had 5 small cavities. I had made a reservation to have the milk poured, so whereas I used to be ready I used to be in a position to get one other glass of French milk. She went to the dentist in the present day and she or he could not consider her eyes.

Inside a month of with the ability to receive genuine licensed uncooked milk once more from France, all of her beforehand broken tooth had develop into calcified and hardened in a form of self-healing power, and she or he instructed me that I mentioned. Nothing extra wanted to be executed.

The milk produced by the Swiss dairy firm is biodynamic and bears the Demeter label. The cow is a Brown Swiss. Subsequently, I assume that the cows are fed in response to anthroposophic tips. Nonetheless, since this dairy additionally produces pasteurized milk, I puzzled if the uncooked milk was really 100% uncooked and most significantly, unprocessed.

After I contacted them, they assured me that the milk was not warmth handled in any means, however solely handed via a cellulose membrane to take away impurities and grime from the milk. However I believe that is executed for all milk. It’s not a dangerous course of except executed below excessive stress. ”

We do not know if this milk was handed via a membrane below stress, or if it was subjected to the identical high-pressure processing expertise at present used for juices, smoothies, and plenty of different “cold-processed” meals, however the stress It’s clear that it reduces the therapeutic properties of milk. Good meals created by nature.

We do not know the way HPP impacts the dietary worth of the meals we eat. Subsequently, it’s best to watch out. Take precautions like making your individual salad dressings, salsas, and guacamole, and solely shopping for oysters which can be cooked from scratch and shucked in entrance of you. Keep on with actual uncooked milk, all bought straight from farmers you recognize.

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Sally Fallon Morrell is the writer of many books on weight-reduction plan and well being, together with the best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions. She is a member of the Weston A. Value Basis ( and founding father of A Marketing campaign for Actual Milk ( to her weblog

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