Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Spirited away

Saturday, April twenty seventh, 3pm (sub)

Sunday, April twenty eighth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, April twenty ninth, 7pm (Sub)

Tuesday, April thirtieth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, Could 1, 7pm (sub)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 40th anniversary

Sunday, Could nineteenth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Tuesday, Could 21, 7pm (sub)

fortress within the sky

Monday, Could twentieth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, Could twenty second, 7pm (Sub)

Arrietty’s secret world

Sunday June ninth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Tuesday, June eleventh, 7pm (sub)

Recollections of Marnie tenth anniversary

Monday, June tenth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, June twelfth, 7pm (sub)

Princess Mononoke

Saturday, July thirteenth, 3pm (sub)

Sunday, July 14th, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, July fifteenth, 7pm (sub)

Tuesday, July sixteenth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, July seventeenth, 7pm (sub)


Saturday, August third, 3pm (SUB)

Sunday August 4th, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, August fifth, 7pm (SUB)

Tuesday, August sixth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, August seventh, 7pm (sub)

whisper of coronary heart

Sunday, August twenty fifth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Tuesday, August twenty seventh, 7pm (Sub)

cat’s return

Monday, August twenty sixth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, August twenty eighth, 7pm (Sub)

Howl’s Transferring Citadel twentieth Anniversary

Thursday, September twenty sixth, 7pm (Sub)

Friday, September twenty seventh 7:00 (DUB)

Saturday, September twenty eighth, 7pm (Sub)

Sunday, September twenty ninth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, September thirtieth, 7pm (sub)

Tuesday, October 1, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 7pm (Sub)

Thursday, October third, 7:00 (DUB)

Kiki’s Supply Service thirty fifth anniversary

Saturday, October twenty sixth, 3pm (sub)

Sunday, October twenty seventh, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, October twenty eighth, 7pm (Sub)

Tuesday, October twenty ninth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, October thirtieth, 7pm (sub)

Pon Poko thirtieth anniversary

Sunday, November twenty fourth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Tuesday, November twenty sixth, 7pm (Sub)

The story of Princess Kaguya

Monday, November twenty fifth, 7pm (DUB)

Wednesday, November twenty seventh, 7pm (Sub)

My Neighbor Totoro

Saturday, December seventh, 3pm (SUB)

Sunday, December eighth, 3pm and 7pm (DUB)

Monday, December ninth, 7pm (SUB)

Tuesday, December tenth, 7:00 (DUB)

Wednesday, December eleventh, 7pm (Sub)

Top Selling Multipurpose WP Theme


Top Selling Multipurpose WP Theme


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