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The years I’ve spent learning the medical trade have made me admire how typically financial rules can permit one to know its complicated and contradictory habits.

For instance, I consider lots of the inconsistencies in medical ethics (e.g., “moms have an absolute proper to abort their youngsters” and “moms can not refuse to vaccinate their youngsters as a result of it endangers their little one’s life”) may be defined by merely acknowledging that no matter makes cash is deemed “moral.”

Gross sales Funnels

The gross sales funnel idea is essential to understanding the fashionable medical trade. This methodology entails initially concentrating on a broad viewers after which step by step narrowing all the way down to costlier services or products for the captured clients. There are sometimes two overlapping gross sales funnels in medication:

The primary funnel entails prescribing innocuous medicine to many individuals after which promoting more and more costly prescribed drugs to deal with issues. For instance, this typically happens with drugs given to women, resulting in dangerous penalties.

Word: Sources for the above graph may be present in this article about the dangers of SSRI antidepressants.1

The second funnel entails framing preventative medication as screening people for potential well being dangers after which utilizing these outcomes to justify promoting medical providers like drug prescriptions. As these screenings develop into normalized, the trade expands the vary of providers supplied, typically resulting in overdiagnosis and overtreatment. As an illustration, tips for “protected” blood stress and levels of cholesterol have been constantly lowered,2 therefore placing extra folks on drugs.

Word: The folly of this method is highlighted by a trial that discovered eradicating on common 2.8 non-essential medicine from the aged at one facility brought on their 1-year demise charge to go from 45% to 21%.3

DEXA Scams

One widespread means mass screenings are performed is by giving many sufferers X-rays after which funneling these with irregular imaging into being handled. For instance, girls over 50 get mammograms each two years to detect breast most cancers early. Nevertheless, research present these screenings typically lack general profit as a result of fast-growing cancers are normally not caught early, whereas false positives are widespread and ceaselessly result in dangerous remedies.

Word: Many medical specialists depend on repeatedly performing the identical billable service (e.g., vaccinating a baby, performing a feminine pelvic examination, or studying a mammogram).

One other widespread common screening apply for girls is dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans, which measure bone density as an indicator of bone energy. The outcomes are in comparison with the typical bone density of a 30-year-old, producing a T-score. Medical college students be taught {that a} T-score of 0 to -1 is regular, -1 to -2.5 signifies osteopenia, and -2.5 or worse signifies osteoporosis, prompting pressing remedy.

Nevertheless, contemplating pure age-related bone density loss, most people could have decrease bone density than a 30-year-old. Thus, the present method to managing osteoporosis acknowledges inevitable bone loss with age and focuses on prevention, as regaining bone density later in life is difficult.

How dependable are DEXA scans? Outcomes fluctuate considerably primarily based on machine, operator, and measured bones, with research exhibiting a 5% – 6% distinction4 in bone density. This variation can alter T-scores by 0.2 – 0.4, resulting in misdiagnoses of osteoporosis.

Is repeated scanning crucial? A examine of 4124 older girls5 discovered no further helpful data gained from repeating DEXA scans over 8 years. But, tips advocate scans each 1-2 years, with Medicare protecting one each 2 years, regardless of prices starting from $150 to $300 per scan.

Do DEXA scans precisely predict fracture threat? Whereas typically predictive, research present discrepancies between scan outcomes6 and noticed bone energy beneath a microscope. Moreover, scans typically underestimate energy loss in intentionally weakened bones.

Word: I just lately discovered from Dr. Mercola {that a} quicker and extra correct methodology of diagnosing bone energy (which doesn’t expose sufferers to ionizing radiation) is starting for use in Europe.7 REMS expertise works by sending ultrasound waves8 into the bone after which analyzing the spectrum created to evaluate the well being of the bones.

As this presentation shows, it precisely predicts bone density, and moreover, predicts bone energy. In brief, this can be a dramatically superior method to Dexa scans, but it surely faces stiff resistance in the US due to how closely invested many already are in performing Dexa scans. For these , extra data may be discovered at EchoLight’s web site.9

ernest curtis comment

Word: This remark was affirmed in an NPR article.10


As soon as osteoporosis is identified, the preliminary remedy typically entails beginning a bisphosphonate, which can proceed for 3-5 years relying on the administration methodology. A wide range of elements affect the event of bone.

Two of crucial ones are the cells that construct bone up (osteoblasts) and the cells that break bone down (osteoclasts). Bisphosphonates, (e.g., Fosamax or Actonel), focus in bones and inhibit osteoclasts,11 resulting in elevated bone density by shifting the steadiness in direction of bone constructing. Nevertheless, this method faces two main points:

Bisphosphonates are related to quite a few negative effects,12 resembling abdomen irritation, extreme muscle and bone ache, flu-like signs, osteonecrosis of the jaw,13 uncommon hip fractures, atrial fibrillation, hypocalcemia, fatigue, and kidney issues. Remarkably, the American Dental Affiliation even cautioned its members14 to keep away from engaged on sufferers who’re taking bisphosphonates.

Bisphosphonates disrupt the physique’s pure bone-building course of, ensuing within the preservation of “outdated bone” fairly than selling wholesome bone formation.

Word: Along with the bisphosphonates, there are different problematic osteoporosis medicine which additionally goal the osteoclasts.

Bone Reworking

One of many key adaptive processes within the physique is its response to stresses and masses positioned upon it. An often-overlooked marvel of the physique is its continuous reshaping of bones to bear masses optimally. Whereas we seldom take into consideration this course of, its significance turns into obvious in sure situations. Think about area journey: astronauts, disadvantaged of gravity’s weight alerts, expertise fast bone loss,15 posing severe fracture dangers upon returning to Earth.

On this bone-building ballet, osteoclasts play an important but underappreciated position. They sculpt bones to face up to gravity’s calls for, however when blocked by medicine like bisphosphonates, bones develop into denser but extra brittle and fewer versatile.

This underscores a typical concern in medication: specializing in treating numbers (e.g., reducing ldl cholesterol) assuming it equates to well being enchancment. Research typically assess advantages via worth adjustments (e.g., vaccine-induced antibodies), overlooking precise affected person outcomes (e.g., in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine research,16 antibody manufacturing did not correlate with decreased deaths).

In brief, I’d posit that whereas bisphosphonates could also be efficient at enhancing a DEXA rating, they aren’t essentially good at enhancing bone well being.

What Causes Osteoporosis?

Bone metabolism is intricately linked to varied key physique processes, making it difficult to pinpoint the first determinants of bone well being. Nevertheless, a number of elements stand out:

Mobility — Sedentary life contribute to osteoporosis, highlighting the significance of weight-bearing actions in bone well being.17 Strolling is especially helpful and if executed usually all through life dramatically improves bone well being.

Hormones — In a previous article, I mentioned the extreme risks of medication like Lupron which work by disabling the physique’s manufacturing of intercourse hormones. Probably the most widespread negative effects noticed from them is a major weakening of the bones. In flip, hormonal loss accompanying growing older additionally weakens the bones.

Irritation — Continual inflammatory situations improve the chance of osteoporosis by activating bone-dismantling processes.18

Amino acids — Since one of the important elements of bone well being is the elasticity collagen imparts to them (as this permits bone to bend and yield to exterior forces fairly than shattering) collagen well being is critically necessary for bone well being.

In fashionable society, we are sometimes poor in these amino acids due to widespread abdomen acid deficiency19 (which impairs our capability to metabolize protein into amino acids) and us predominantly consuming softer cuts of meat which lack the collagen constructing amino acids present in more durable components of meat (e.g., gristle).

Word: Colleagues resembling Dr. Mercola have discovered consuming 30g – 40g of collagen every day sourced from beef knee joints is an optimum amino acid repletion protocol and in a brief time period considerably improves bone well being (together with typically enhancing a wide range of associated elements resembling one’s top and one’s metabolic well being).

Minerals — Dietary consumption of minerals resembling boron and manganese20 is essential for bone energy, and deficiencies can impair bone well being. Components like abdomen acid deficiency21 and soil depletion contribute to mineral deficiencies.

Word: The widespread deficiency of manganese within the inhabitants is partly as a result of it being chelated from the soil by glyphosate (Roundup).22

Manganese serves a necessary position in constructing collagen, so when it’s poor, it ceaselessly creates systemic ligamentous laxity,23 and in flip hypermobile sufferers resembling these with EDS (who are typically extremely delicate and prone to pharmaceutical accidents) discover a major enchancment of their ligamentous energy after a few months of appropriately dose manganese.24

Water fluoridation — Whereas fluoride will increase bone density, it might compromise bone well being and performance. Some research hyperlink fluoride to osteomalacia and elevated fracture threat.25

Pharmaceutical medicine — Drugs like glucocorticoid steroids26 (e.g., prednisone) and opioids can weaken bones27 and improve fracture threat.

Word: Glucocorticoid induced bone loss is so extreme it’s truly one of many few accredited indications for bisphosphonate remedy.28

Environmental toxins — Publicity to toxins like organophosphates, bisphenol A, nicotine, and heavy metals inhibits bone formation and contributes to osteoporosis.29

Parathyroid adenomas — These tumors trigger extreme secretion of parathyroid hormone, resulting in calcium depletion from bones, bone loss, and a spread of signs. Surprisingly, regardless of being a widely known situation, parathyroid adenomas are ceaselessly missed. Figuring out persistently elevated blood calcium ranges can function a key indicator, prompting additional investigation right into a parathyroid adenomas.

Word: Chinese language Drugs has linked the age-related lack of the kidney’s vitality to bone loss for hundreds of years. Many attribute this to the kidneys essential position in regulating vitamin D and the blood ranges of the minerals bone consists of (e.g., calcium).

I believe their regulation of the physiologic zeta potential (the decline of which is a key reason behind growing older) can be key. That’s as a result of zeta potential30 governs the tendency for blood to movement freely or clump collectively, and the onerous exterior bone blood vessels should go via makes them extra prone to their blood provide turning into interrupted (e.g., from the bone transferring misplaced).


It is fascinating to comprehend that bone is way over only a structural element; it is a residing tissue with its personal dynamic habits. After I’ve had the chance to deal with bone immediately, resembling throughout orthopedic surgical procedures, it is evident how totally different it’s from the lifeless bones we sometimes encounter. Sadly, this expertise is uncommon, main many to see bone as inert and unchanging.

The factors I’ve mentioned on this article are based on the significance of recognizing bone’s vitality and understanding how our interactions with it form our well being and longevity. Historic medical traditions, like Chinese language medication, appreciated this facet of bone well being. They noticed it as integral to general well-being, acknowledging its interconnectedness with the physique’s techniques.

By embracing this angle, we are able to acquire new insights into bone well being and its significance for holistic healthcare. It is my hope that this text sheds mild on the dynamic nature of bones and encourages a deeper understanding of their position in our well being journey.

Creator’s notice: That is an abridged model of an extended article on the topic which discusses the above factors in additional element and plenty of others resembling our different most popular approaches for enhancing bone well being. That article and its further references may be learn here.

A Word From Dr. Mercola In regards to the Creator

A Midwestern Physician (AMD) is a board-certified doctor within the Midwest and a longtime reader of I admire his distinctive perception on a variety of matters and I am grateful to share them. I additionally respect his need to stay nameless as he’s nonetheless on the entrance traces treating sufferers. To seek out extra of AMD’s work, be sure you take a look at The Forgotten Side of Medicine on Substack.

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