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In the event you’re a diamond fan, you’ve got in all probability heard of the Cullinan Diamond, the most important gem-quality diamond ever found on the earth. However have you learnt the story behind this superb stone and the way it grew to become a part of Britain’s Crown Jewels? On this weblog, we discover the historical past, worth, and thriller of the Cullinan Diamond. To go.

discovery of diamonds

of Cullinan Diamond It was found on January 26, 1905 on the Premier Mine in Cullinan, South Africa, by Frederick Wells, the mine’s floor supervisor. The diamond was so giant and clear that Wells initially thought it was a bit of glass. He was stunned when he realized that it was an actual diamond, weighing 621.2g and measuring 10.1 x 6.35 x 5.9 cm.

The diamond is called after mine proprietor Thomas Cullinan, who opened the mine in 1902. The diamond was unveiled to the general public in Johannesburg, attracting hundreds of tourists. It was then despatched to London and put up on the market, however no purchaser was discovered for 2 years.

A present match for a king

In 1907, the Transvaal colonial authorities, which managed the mines, determined to buy the diamond and provides it as a present to King Edward VII, the British monarch who dominated the territory. The diamond was shipped to England in a plain box, and the decoy was sent on a steamship guarded by detectives. The diamond arrived safely and was handed over to the King.

The King entrusted the diamond to a well-known diamond cutter primarily based in Amsterdam. Joseph Asher, whose job was to chop diamonds into small gem stones and polish them. Asher studied the diamond for months earlier than making his first reduce, throughout which era the blade broke. On his second try he was profitable, and the diamond was in the end reduce into 9 giant stones, 96 small stones, and 9.5 carat unpolished items. The entire weight of the reduce diamond was 211.178g, about 67% of the unique weight.

crown jewels

The most important reduce diamond, Cullinan I or the Nice Star of Africa, weighed 106.08 grams and was set on a diamond head. ruler’s scepter with a cross, one of the essential symbols of the British monarchy. The second largest, Cullinan II, or Africa’s Second Star, weighed 63.48g and was entrance mounted. imperial state crown, one other essential a part of the Crown Jewels. Each diamonds are a part of the coronation regalia and can be displayed on the coronation. tower of london.

The opposite seven giant diamonds, Cullinan III to IX, had been saved because the king’s private property. He gave Cullinan III and IV. african lesser starHe gave it to his spouse, Queen Alexandra, and wore it as a brooch. He additionally gave Cullinan V to his daughter-in-law Queen Mary, who wore it as a brooch and pendant. His remaining 4 diamonds, Cullinan VI by way of IX, had been set into a wide range of jewellery, together with rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Cullinan Diamond Worth and Thriller

The Cullinan diamond is undoubtedly one of the beneficial and well-known diamonds on the earth. In reality, in its tough state, the diamond is estimated to be value round R6 billion at this time.

There may be some thriller surrounding the Cullinan Diamond, as some consider it’s not the most important diamond ever found, however relatively a fraction of a a lot bigger stone that was crushed by the forces of nature. Proof for this idea exhibits that the Cullinan diamond has 4 easy faces and is cleaved alongside the crystal planes. The unique diamond weighed as much as 2 kg, main some to take a position that extra gem stones of remarkable dimension and high quality might have been produced. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a proof for this idea, and if different fragments exist, their whereabouts are unknown.

Cullinan diamonds are outstanding gem stones with an attention-grabbing historical past and engaging mysteries. It’s a image of the sweetness and energy of nature and of human talent and artistry. It’s not solely a treasure belonging to the British royal household, but additionally a treasure of the world, as it’s admired and celebrated by tens of millions of individuals. If you want to see Cullinan Diamonds for your self, please go to: tower of londonthe place the crown jewels are on show, or you may take a look at the web site of . Royal Collection TrustDiscover detailed data and pictures of Cullinan diamonds and their reduce stones.

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The Thriller of the Cullinan Diamond: The Largest Gem-High quality Diamond Ever Found


Study concerning the Cullinan Diamond, the most important gem-quality diamond ever found, and the way it grew to become a part of the British Crown. Uncover the historical past, worth and thriller of this superb stone.



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