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March 7, 20241 Dr. Naomi Wolf raised the alarm over meals components containing identified neurotoxins which were demonstrated to trigger reproductive issues in mammals after ingestion. She discovers the additive in a field of pancake combine in her pantry, prompting her to research her analysis knowledge.

What she found was scientific proof not usually revealed within the mainstream media, together with elements generally present in commercially ready meals reminiscent of baked items and processed cheese. This ingredient is sodium aluminum phosphate, which the meals trade claims makes use of as an emulsifier and stabilizer.

Innophos2 manufactures the product and the Security Knowledge Sheet states, “This product meets the definition of a hazardous substance or hazardous materials.” Well being hazards embody eye injury and irritation to the pores and skin and respiratory system. Individuals working round it ought to keep away from respiratory the mud and the product needs to be saved in a tightly closed container.

Dr. Wolff explains that this ingredient is present in lots of the meals our kids eat, and that publicity to this ingredient may end up in long-term oxidative stress, DNA injury, blood testosterone ranges and sperm manufacturing. It has been identified that there could have been a detrimental affect.3

Meals components could cause oxidative stress and DNA injury

Wolf cited a peer-reviewed literature evaluate paper,4 It outlines particulars reminiscent of publicity route bioavailability and absorption time. As famous by the paper’s authors, no managed human research have been carried out with this identified neurotoxin, so the literature evaluate was restricted to laboratory animal research.

Moreover, the paper notes that the aluminum content material in animal diets varies significantly, creating uncertainty about how mammalian reproductive methods operate within the absence of aluminum. We additionally reviewed intentional and unintentional dietary aluminum publicity in the US.

He present in experimental research that males skilled extra pronounced results to low ranges of aluminum than girls. The authors proposed an opposed consequence pathway that included “oxidative stress because the molecular initiating occasion, malondialdehyde as the next key occasion, elevated DNA and sperm injury, and decreased blood testosterone and sperm depend.”5

Earlier research evaluated the bioavailability of aluminum from consuming water, however till 2008,6 There was little proof of aluminum bioavailability from consumption of sodium aluminum phosphate, which is used as an emulsifier in meals. Utilizing animal research, researchers discovered that each water and meals contribute to typical consumption, and the outcomes confirmed that aluminum consumption from meals contributes way more to the systemic circulation than consuming water. steered that it contributed.

In keeping with Michigan State College, the European Meals Security Authority reviewed the protection of sodium aluminum phosphate in 2018 and located it to be “protected for consumption in regular quantities.”7 “The Panel concluded that sodium acid aluminum phosphate (E 541) poses no security issues in its present permitted makes use of and ranges of use.”8

The European Meals Security Authority has outlined the everyday quantity, approved use degree, or most permissible degree (MPL) for sodium aluminum phosphate as 400 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg). This will likely sound like an exaggeration, however it’s an analysis of the meals chosen in 2005.9 We discovered that sodium aluminum phosphate ranges can vary from 1 to 27,000 mg/kg. Frozen pizza contained as much as 14 mg/kg, and his single-serve pack of dairy-free creamer contained as much as 600 mg/kg.

Researchers have discovered that sodium acid aluminum phosphate is current in lots of meals, together with pancakes, waffles, baking soda, and frozen merchandise. Many contained important quantities. Contemplating the variety of meals containing this substance and the day by day consumption, many individuals are uncovered to effectively over 400 mg/kg from a number of sources, and importantly, aluminum is bioaccumulates.Ten

Aluminum is related to a number of system points

As Wolf factors out, there are not any good peer-reviewed human research, as animal research have proven that aluminum ingestion damages the fetus, placenta, testicles, blood testosterone, and sperm. It’s unethical to conduct human trials. This problem protects the pharmaceutical trade. It is because the pharmaceutical trade can conclude that there are inadequate human research to display hurt and assist withdrawing the product from the market.

wolf writes11 The consequences of aluminum are according to the discount in male morphology, together with sq. jaws, muscle mass, and sexual want, noticed in males born after 2000. She means that aluminum publicity may additionally assist clarify elevated melancholy, weight achieve, and apathy in the direction of people. Intercourse in younger males is very correlated with decrease ranges of testosterone, and decrease ranges of testosterone are related to publicity to aluminum.

I’ve been warning for years that aluminum poses a critical neurotoxic threat that’s doubtless linked to will increase in autism and Alzheimer’s illness. 2020 survey12 Alzheimer’s Illness Journal examines mind tissue from people recognized with familial Alzheimer’s illness who carry particular genetic mutations identified to extend ranges of amyloid beta and trigger earlier onset and extra aggressive illness. The researchers introduced that there’s a robust hyperlink between aluminum publicity and Alzheimer’s illness.13

When evaluating aluminum ranges in donor tissue and tissue from donors with out a prognosis of neurological illness, the researchers discovered important variations between the 2 teams. Donors with the genetic mutation usually had larger aluminum content material. Though all samples contained some quantity of aluminum, 42% of samples from familial Alzheimer’s illness sufferers contained pathologically important ranges, with aluminum primarily present in amyloid beta plaques. existed in place.

As soon as aluminum reaches the systemic circulation, it’s distributed to focus on organs such because the nervous system, skeletal, and hematopoietic methods.14 Moreover, researchers have linked aluminum bioaccumulation to a number of cancers, together with breast and colorectal most cancers.15 It’s related to excessive mutation charges.

Examination of colon most cancers samples confirmed that aluminum-positive samples had considerably lowered apoptosis and elevated expression of the anti-apoptotic molecule BCL-2.

Aluminum bioaccumulates from a number of sources

Scientists know that aluminum could be unfold via inhalation of aerosols and particles, meals and water provides, drugs, dialysis, and intravenous drips.16 Moreover, militaries world wide frequently spray small items of aluminum-coated fiberglass or plastic, referred to as “chaff,” into air columns to guard plane and ships from enemy radar. .17 Though this has been finished for many years, there is no such thing as a clear proof that it’s protected for people or the surroundings.

Many routes of publicity can enhance toxicity ranges and enhance the chance of inflicting a wide range of results within the physique, together with immune system adjustments, genotoxicity, irritation, enzyme dysfunction, metabolic abnormalities, necrosis, and dysplasia. .18 Circumstances related to excessive ranges of aluminum embody Crohn’s illness, autism, osteomalacia, oligospermia, breast most cancers, pancreatitis, kind 2 diabetes, and infertility.

Aluminum publicity can happen in a wide range of methods, however he warned that one of many important sources of aluminum publicity, and probably the worst, is vaccines. It is because injecting the product bypasses the physique’s pure filtration and detoxing methods.

Moreover, many vaccines that use aluminum as an adjuvant are administered throughout childhood, so it takes many years for the potential injury to develop and manifest medical signs. In keeping with the U.S. Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention,19 Adjuvants are added to vaccines to elicit a stronger immune response in a person.

Dr. Christopher Exley was the lead investigator on a examine linking aluminum and Alzheimer’s illness. In an interview with SciTechDaily, Exley commented:20

“This exhibits that aluminum and amyloid-beta are intently intertwined in neuropathology. In any case, the brand new examine exhibits that with out aluminum in mind tissue, Alzheimer’s illness is just not current inside a traditional human lifespan. Confirming my dedication that there will probably be no illness. No aluminum, no promoting. ”

In her video,twenty one Wolf stated the mRNA shot comprises aluminum. In an interview with The Defender, Exley praised her efforts to convey information of poisonous results to a wider viewers, however stated her MRNA injections didn’t use aluminum as an adjuvant. she said.

Though there’s at present no proof that coronavirus mRNA photographs include aluminum,twenty two The European Medicines Company has permitted the usage of one other coronavirus vaccine utilizing a twin adjuvant of complete virus and aluminum hydroxide-CpG 1018. Different nations have additionally permitted vaccines towards COVID-19 that include aluminum adjuvants.

The listing of permitted vaccines that include some type of aluminum totals greater than 25 and contains vaccines given to youngsters, reminiscent of diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis vaccines, hepatitis B, and Haemophilus influenzae kind B. Different vaccines that use aluminum embody tetanus and pneumococcus. , meningococcus B, hepatitis B, diphtheria, and tetanus.

Wolf Labels Aluminum Chemical Warfare

Wolf likens the decline in testosterone ranges, decreased sperm depend, and adjustments in male morphology to chemical warfare towards males, saying, “One of many belongings you actually need to do earlier than formally invading an enemy nation is to deplete the lads.” ” he stated. Furthermore, he added, this warfare targets “essentially the most susceptible males, prepubescent boys, at school cafeterias.”

Aluminum is just not the one chemical that impairs male fertility. As beforehand reported, phthalate syndrome can also be a explanation for mass infertility, as researchers documented a 59.3% decline in sperm counts from 1973 to 2011.twenty three Publicity to chemical substances reminiscent of phthalate plastics might be the principle offender.

Dr. Shana Swan He’s a reproductive epidemiologist and professor of environmental medication and public well being on the Icahn Faculty of Medication at Mount Sinai in New York Metropolis. Her guide, Countdown, relies on a 2017 examine she co-authored that discovered essentially the most important decline in sperm samples occurred in males dwelling in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The focus is lower than 40 million per milliliter, which is taken into account the edge at which it turns into troublesome for a person to fertilize an egg.twenty 4 She additionally discovered that testicular most cancers and miscarriages are rising at about 1% per yr as sperm depend, testosterone, and fertility decline.twenty 5

One more environmental issue that may play an vital position in decreasing sperm depend is publicity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency radiation from wi-fi expertise.the examine26 It was discovered that males who used their cell phones greater than 20 instances a day had considerably decrease sperm focus and sperm counts than males who used their cell phones lower than as soon as every week.

This will increase the chance of a person’s sperm focus falling under the fertility threshold by 30% and the chance of his whole sperm depend falling under the fertility vary by 21%.

Ideas for decreasing publicity to aluminum, plastic, and EMF

Wolf ended the video with a easy plea: “Buddies, please learn your bins, clear out your cabinets, bake from scratch and shield your males’s hormone ranges.”27 Making adjustments could be troublesome, however making small new adjustments each two weeks can scale back the stress related to change and have a huge impact in your total well being inside months.

Phthalates are chemical substances present in plastics to make them extra sturdy. There are a number of steps you’ll be able to take to cut back your use of and publicity to plastics and plasticizers. I share about that in “Plastic is now in every single place, together with in your mind.”

Lastly, there are steps you’ll be able to take to cut back your publicity to electromagnetic radiation in the course of the day and evening, in addition to normal steps you’ll be able to take at dwelling. As extra folks work remotely, they’ve extra management over their surroundings, together with publicity to EMFs. Take into account the steps I shared in “Destruction of Sperm Rely by Electromagnetic Waves”.

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