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“Check, check, check!” you’ll be able to hear it shouting from the digital rooftops of X and LinkedIn. However while you’re centered on working your corporation, how typically do you have got the chance to check the basics of search engine marketing to the restrict? In all probability not typically, if in any respect.

On this article, I will share a few of my favourite Ahrefs search engine marketing experiments we have run through the years and what they present us about how Google works. Actually It really works.

1. Do hyperlinks actually matter for rankings?

Google lately underestimated the importance of linksHowever what occurs in the event you disavow hyperlinks to particular pages in your web site?

What was the experiment?

Patrick and his workforce ran an experiment by which they disavowed all exterior hyperlinks to the weblog’s three hottest pages for a month. He wished to see what impact it had on natural visitors.

Facet word.

For many web sites, we don’t advocate making an attempt to breed this check, as the sort of experiment may be successfully suicide.

What are you able to inform us about Google?

In our experiments, it appeared that hyperlinks nonetheless matter to Google, and disavowing or eradicating hyperlinks can negatively influence the efficiency of sure pages. (Shocker.)

Can I check this myself?

No, we don’t advocate testing this in your web site.

How vital is the principle content material of a web page to rankings?

This will appear essential to Google, however lately U.S. Department of Justice trial exhibits Google has beforehand advised that it depends closely on how individuals behave. reacted Entry the documentation relatively than making an attempt to grasp the documentation itself.

Google forges documents without understanding themGoogle forges documents without understanding them

What was the experiment?

Patrick and workforce eliminated the principle content material from two pages to find out the influence of search engine marketing on natural visitors.

Under is an instance of a weblog put up after eradicating the principle content material.

Top YouTube search pages with no contentTop YouTube search pages with no content
Not less than it is a fast learn.

As soon as the content material was eliminated, we noticed an instantaneous decline.

decline and rebound variety of clicks and ideas It was clearly displayed in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console clicks and impressionsGoogle Search Console clicks and impressions

Though, variety of clicks Because the drop is comparatively small, that is convincing proof that eradicating content material is a nasty concept.

What are you able to inform us about Google?

We do not know if Google understands the character of the content material or infers it from person expertise indicators.

What we do know is that there’s a robust correlation between eradicating essential content material and decreasing clicks.

The relevance of this end result to the person hits all-time low as a result of the web page has no content material on this matter.

Can I check this myself?

We strongly advocate that you don’t try this check your self.

3. Are you able to attain no 1 inside 24 hours?

It appears tough, proper?

However in certainly one of Sam O’s most daring movies, he tried: Rank #1 on Google within 24 hours Use solely a handful of primary search engine marketing methods.

Sam’s movies obtained tons of engagement, likes, and views, and even Google praised the standard of Sam’s recommendation.


What was the experiment?

Sam discovered the put up He found tips for blogs that wanted to rank number one and started using basic SEO techniques to improve their rankings on Google.

He identified why the page’s rankings had dropped, created a plan to improve the content to beat the competition, and submitted the updated page to Google Search Console.

Sam used Ahrefs I will also talk about Combine Keyword Explorer reports with some ChatGPT wizardry to identify unique and fresh angles to expand your content.

Watch the full video here:

What can you tell us about Google?

When we asked SEO professionals in a survey, When it comes to SEO time, most SEOs say it can take 3 months or more.

How long does SEO take?How long does SEO take?

This SEO experiment flipped that narrative on its head and showed that you can actually improve your rankings on Google much faster using just basic SEO skills.

Can I test this myself?

yes. The mere fact that Google praised this video tells you that the techniques used in this video are “Google-safe” experiments that you can try on your website.

However, please note that, as with any test, the results you receive may differ from ours.

Associated posts sometimes seem on the backside of your weblog web page, with inside hyperlinks to related content material. Most content material administration techniques present the power so as to add associated content material.

What was the experiment?

In December 2022, we added a “Proceed Studying” associated posts part utilizing the favored WordPress plugin.

The idea was that including this part would assist enhance it. It is an internal link and is useful for readers who want to explore other parts of your content.

Related posts section will be highlightedRelated posts section will be highlighted

Results were positive for multiple URLs.

Increase organic traffic with SEO experiments with Ahrefs' Site ExplorerIncrease organic traffic with SEO experiments with Ahrefs' Site Explorer

What can you tell us about Google?

Adding a related content section to your blog will improve your internal linking.because Google uses links to crawl the Internet. This helps Google understand the relationships between pages.

Ahrefs blogs already had a good internal linking structure in place, so we didn’t see a huge increase, but blogs with fewer internal links could see a bigger impact.

Can I test this myself?

yes. Adding a related posts section to your blog usually requires little effort and is easy to implement. Results may vary, but in most cases it should have a positive impact over time.

It is surprisingly widespread for web sites to unintentionally block half or all of a web site with out your information. Patrick’s idea was that by blocking pages from being crawled, Google must rely solely on hyperlink indicators to rank content material.

So, did it work?

What was the experiment?

Patrick blocked Google from crawling 2 pages robot.txt. Both pages lost traffic, but even though the pages were blocked, the loss was not as large as I expected.

Pages blocked with robots.txt via Ahrefs Site ExplorerPages blocked with robots.txt via Ahrefs Site Explorer

So the good news is that Google is pretty forgiving if you accidentally block a page from being crawled, as long as you eventually unblock it. robots.txt is not suitable if you want to remove your page from Google’s index.

What can you tell us about Google?

Google needs to crawl and check your website regularly. By blocking pages in robots.txt, you are telling Google not to crawl certain parts of your website.

It’s not a good idea to do this on pages you want to rank in Google’s search engine.

Can I test this myself?

No, I do not recommend trying this.

Can I enhance my rating? simply Is it to construct hyperlinks to articles?

What was the experiment?

Josh and his team wanted to see if they could rank #1 just by focusing on link building for a specific content type without making any other changes to their articles.

The result is this SEO stats post specifically designed to help you attract links. After sending over 500 emails, Josh managed to secure a decent stack of links and pushed the page to his #1 spot on Google.

Ranked #1 in link buildingRanked #1 in link building

To this day, this post still ranks #1 and has the most posts. backlink and domain compared to our competitors.

SEO statistics backlinks and domain screenshots (via Ahrefs' SERP Overview)SEO statistics backlinks and domain screenshots (via Ahrefs' SERP Overview)

What can you tell us about Google?

This experiment revealed two things. First, getting high-quality links to your pages will help improve your rankings. However, some types of content are easier to get links than others.

Statistics-based content is highly shareable and is also the type of content referenced by journalists, especially if it’s up-to-date.

Can I test this myself?

yes. Creating a stats post and backing it up with an outreach campaign is a simple SEO experiment. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to acquire links naturally.

I hope this offers you a style of the search engine marketing experiment we performed at Ahrefs. Now it is time to cross the baton to you.

Establishing your individual search engine marketing experiment requires growing an concept to check and a option to measure it.

The method sometimes appears like this:

  • speculation – What do you assume will occur within the experiment?
  • check – Working the experiment
  • measurement – Measure outcomes utilizing instruments like Ahrefs portfolio to trace your location
  • overview – Study outcomes and draw conclusions from experiments

I can not let you know what to check, however I can present you two methods to measure outcomes utilizing Ahrefs.

SERP overview

If you wish to spot test key phrases to see in the event that they’ve gone up or down over a time period, try Ahrefs’ Use Keyword Explorer to see if your target keywords’ positions have increased.

Do this:

  • Enter your keywords in Keyword Explorer.
  • Scroll down and SERP overview
  • Add comparison date. This should be the date you started the test.
SERP - Overview - ScreenshotsSERP - Overview - Screenshots

The green and red lines indicate the website improved or was denied It is in its position over time.

Keyword Explorer is great for spot checks, but what if you want to track multiple keywords in a large-scale SEO experiment? You can use it portfolio.


I found myself using I use Portfolios all the time now and this is probably one of my favorite Ahrefs features. But it’s also great for tracking the results of your SEO experiments over time.

To set up a new portfolio, click + Create and after that portfolio From the main dashboard.

Create a new portfolioCreate a new portfolio

Once that’s done, add the URL you want to track to portfolio.

Create a new portfolioCreate a new portfolio

Once you have updated the settings to your liking, click create.

Ahrefs tracks all URLs in your portfolio, both collectively and individually.

portfolio operate in a similar way to project. Clicking on different elements on the dashboard will display different Ahrefs reports.

My favorite report is Compare pages report.

Comparison Page - Portfolio ComparisonComparison Page - Portfolio Comparison

This is especially useful if you’re running an SEO experiment, as you can visually track the progress of different URLs. organic traffic over time.

Side note.

You can set up multiple portfolios, so if you want, you can create a control portfolio to compare and track comparable URLs from your competitors.

final thoughts

Accepting what Google says as gospel truth is not what SEO is hardwired to do. But at the same time, creating and running an SEO experiment takes time and resources.

If you want to run your own SEO experiments, you can start by recreating some of Ahrefs’ more successful SEO experiments.Don’t forget to use tools like keyword explorer SERP overview and portfolio Make sure you haven’t made any changes that will negatively impact your website in the long run.

Have more questions? Contact us on X 🙂

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