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Have you ever ever considered how necessary fonts are?

Consider it this fashion. Have you ever ever learn one thing and mistook one letter for one more? And it’s important to suppose once more for some time to grasp what is definitely being mentioned.

Equally, there is no means a grocery retailer truly sells key lime farts. proper? ? ? :

There are such a lot of questions right here.

Giggles apart, this is only one “correct” instance of a nasty font alternative. And also you is likely to be stunned to be taught that even probably the most well-known and seemingly considerate manufacturers are responsible of this violation.

The selection of internet fonts makes an enormous distinction, particularly when used for digital advertising on the internet, emails, inside newsletters, and visible design. Even font model and font dimension could make an enormous distinction in how shoppers understand your model. Fonts help particular themes, contribute to the general temper and persona of your work, and might significantly affect your message.

At the moment we’ll be speaking about font choice because it pertains to e-mail advertising. When selecting fonts in your branded e-mail campaigns, there are some things to remember.

Does e-mail font actually matter?

Hmm… sure. Fonts are available in quite a lot of shapes and sizes, and the best way textual content is displayed throughout e-mail shoppers (reminiscent of form and spacing) can all have an effect on readers. It is a huge a part of e-mail design.

The typeface you select has persona and conveys a novel message. So if issues look a bit of totally different or simply do not match your message or total model picture, prospects will discover. There are specific web-safe fonts to remember if you wish to keep away from leaving your readers questioning, “What the…?”

For instance, contemplate the case of poor Ralph and Joe, who made a disappointing font alternative for his or her masonry firm.

Sorry, but when your tilework resembles the font you selected, I would not rent you to renovate my kitchen in a heartbeat.

One other one is:

Do you are feeling calm now? is that so?

You may see that parts like punctuation and coloration alternative additionally play an necessary position right here.

Additionally strive one thing like:

That is a lot better.

Even worse, when fonts are turned off, each readership and comprehension lower. Recipients can simply be distracted by way of As-like Cs or enjoyable and playful internet fonts inside skilled emails with severe messages. However, internet fonts that match your message and model picture might help seize recipients’ consideration and enhance total click-through charges.

Selecting a font: issues to contemplate

Earlier than you select the “finest e-mail font,” there are a couple of questions it is best to reply first.

  • Why must you contemplate the very best fonts to make use of in your emails? Font dimension, font model, and total font kind make an enormous distinction in the way you promote your model and message in e-mail. Default fonts can have a really totally different influence on readers than customized fonts. Your font alternative speaks volumes about your voice and model, and might make or break your first impression with shoppers.
  • What message do you need to ship? Is the e-mail one thing enjoyable and thrilling, or does it have a extra formal, weighty tone? All of this must be mirrored in your font choice. For instance, Helvetica Neue gives a complicated look appropriate for company communications, and Trebuchet MS is a pleasant {and professional} system font.
  • Do you need to use the identical font all through? Are you in search of uniformity or a bit of selection? However remember the fact that finest practices say it is best to keep away from utilizing greater than two fonts. Bear in mind, we’re not youngsters taking part in with phrase processors. It’s important to not overdo it. It is best to make use of an email-safe font reminiscent of Lucida Sans for the physique textual content, and a extra distinctive Sans Serif font for the header.
  • To daring or to not daring? Boldening or italicizing sure phrases modifications the best way the font seems and might have an effect on the general message and understanding.
  • What colours do you utilize? You will need to contemplate issues just like the background coloration in order that the reader shouldn’t be confused. Additionally, hold your model and firm colours in thoughts, particularly in your e-mail signature. Internet-safe fonts reminiscent of Arial and Verdana might help guarantee e-mail consistency throughout totally different e-mail shoppers reminiscent of Apple Mail.
  • Are these HTML emails or plain textual content emails? HTML emails can embrace hyperlinks, customized fonts, and different design and visible parts, and are usually nice for supporting advertising campaigns and inspiring click-throughs. Nevertheless, even with HTML emails, it is necessary to make use of mail-safe fonts to make sure that your messages are accessible to all recipients.
  • Is it legible? I imply, that is the entire level of e-mail design, proper? Do not forget to contemplate issues like letter form (sure letters are simply mistaken for different letters in additional floral cursive) and spacing. It is also necessary to contemplate the way it will look on totally different display sizes, particularly cellular units. One of the best fonts for e-mail are people who keep readability on all units and e-mail shoppers.

Electronic mail advertising font evaluation: the nice, the dangerous, and the ugly.

Buckle up, as a result of issues are beginning to get controversial.

After all not. Until you have got very robust emotions about your favourite fonts or fonts you dislike. If that’s the case, it is time to put your private preferences apart within the identify of excellent e-mail advertising.

You heard it right here first. In relation to e-mail, the “proper font” does not essentially get you hooked. It conveys your message clearly whereas being accessible and straightforward to learn for anybody who opens your e-mail publication, advertising marketing campaign, or different message.

So, with that in thoughts, let’s check out which font selections are secure, that are a bit of questionable, and which must be completely banned out of your e-mail arsenal.

font: good

Selecting the best font household will hold your e-mail physique copy easy and satisfying.

That being mentioned, there are some typeface households which are confirmed to be web-safe, straightforward to learn, and among the finest cross-platform fonts for the physique of an e-mail.

Serif fonts function brief tails on the ends of the letters that assist information the reader’s eye from one letter to the following.


Occasions New Roman [The classic college essay fallback font}



These fonts are often used in print as they’re easier to read than most fancy font types – I bet your favorite book is written in Times. Writers looking for something that’s clear but also more formal and business-like should use Serif fonts.

Sans-serif includes characters without any lines or tails (get it? SANS-serif?). You may recognize these as your email default font. Brafton uses Sans-serif for many of our emails and employee email signatures, as these are some of the most web-safe fonts.

This font family supports a more casual tone and includes:




These are often top choices for email body text as they’re clear, evenly spaced and simple to read on almost any screen size. Arial is an easy choice because it’s often a default font; this makes choosing one of the most web-safe fonts virtually effortless.

Fonts: The Bad

Certain fonts – unless you’re going for a wacky, zany kind of feel (like, you’re a toy company or something) – are best to stay away from, especially in the body copy of emails. However, depending on the message you’re sending, these fonts may have their place in certain parts of your email, like headers.

Script fonts look a lot like handwritten cursive, and many are only just a taaad bit clearer than the last prescription you got from your doctor.

This includes fonts like:

Lobster and Pacifico.

While these can provide a fancier, and even more personal feel (because they look like handwriting), prospects won’t appreciate having to squint to decipher the message.

Decorative fonts are typically used only for logos, taglines or headings because they’re usually more bold and attention-grabbing than other fonts.




If you’ve decided to mix fonts in your email, you might consider a more robust decorative font for the headline, paired with a more standard and clear font for body text. When used sparingly and specifically at large scale, script and decorative fonts like this can provide statement pieces in design, and evoke a certain mood or emotion from readers. However, these fonts must be large enough to read, and should only be used in moderation.

Fonts: The Ugly (Avoid at All Costs)

Comic Sans: No. Just… just stop. Unless you’re sending an invitation to your kid’s birthday party, no reader wants to see this.

Curlz: Need I say more?

Trajan: You might recognize this one from just about every movie poster you’ve seen in the last few years (aside from Avatar, which, haha, used Papyrus). Because this is a widely available font, it’s become sort of all-purpose. Basically, we can do better for your email copy.

Papyrus: WebDesignerDepot has dubbed this one “the king of bad fonts,” following it up with “equal parts childish, kitschy and irritating,” and I don’t think I could have described it better. Google doesn’t even support this font (or Curlz or Trajan, for that matter) in Gdocs – and that’s saying something.

Helvetica: This is more of my own personal preference because I had a newspaper editor in college who was obsessed with this font and made us adjust the whole style of our paper because they loved it so much. I still have nightmares where “Everything must be in Helvetica!!!” is being chanted in the background. (SPOOKY.) In any case, WebDesignerDepot agrees with me here, noting that while Helvetica is versatile and very visible, it’s also become rather overused.

The font you choose has a big impact. I mean, if I wrote this whole piece in an annoying font, you probably would have stopped reading wayyyy before now, no?

So remember: Different font styles matter. Serif and sans-serif fonts like Arial are your best friend. Keep your typeface consistent, but have a fallback font. Custom fonts can also be valuable as long as you keep it clean and legible, but sticking to a tried and true safe font family can improve your email engagement in the long run.

Font Choice: One Part of Complete Email Marketing

You didn’t think I was done, did you? 

Nope. Font size, font style and, of course, font color are all fun to think about, but they aren’t the only thing you need to get your email marketing campaign up and running. Here are a few more elements your emails should never leave home without:

A Solid Email Marketing Strategy

You can’t just send out emails on every whim — you need a plan. A solid strategy helps you decide which emails to send to whom and for what purpose, linking body copy to specific business goals or creating nurture campaigns.

That was just one sentence, but it dropped a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Let’s face it: This stuff isn’t easy — and that’s why an email marketing consulting service like Brafton’s might just be your new best friend. Our team knows what makes a good email, from typeface and text size to content and timing, which means we’re always ready to help you build a strategy that shows real results.

A Good Email Subject Line

It’s important to make a good first impression, especially when failing to do so could give your email a one-way ticket to the spam folder. Today’s audiences are sick of junk mail, and if they see your subject line as low-quality, irritating or otherwise suspicious, they might hit that “delete” button without a second thought.

That’s why you should always take your time and craft thoughtful, relevant subject lines to introduce your messages. Here are 2 examples:

“I want to tell you about a new deal we’re offering.”

This one’s weird, uninviting and oddly formal. Sure, there are situations where sending an email from an individual could have a valuable impact, but save that for the body copy and email signature — it seems a little spammy here. Plus, this subject line is unnecessarily wordy and, to be honest, not that interesting.

If this were a real email, it would only ever see the inside of my trash folder.

“Jessica, This Deal’s Just For You!”

Ooh, now this one makes me want to read more. It uses my name (more on personalization in a minute!) and promises status and prestige by offering a deal that’s apparently inaccessible to other customers. That’s right, folks: This email is telling me I’m special, and it’s working.

High-Quality Body Copy

Writing content for your email campaign is a big deal. You can’t include too much, or readers will get bored and wander off to their favorite social media site instead — but you also can’t include too little, or nobody will know what you’re talking about.

That’s why you may want to leave the copywriting to the pros.

Professional writers know how to pack a punch in as few words as possible. They also know how to turn your ideas, marketing goals and even company voice into body copy that creates real value for readers. If you want your emails to be the kind of thing people print off and hang on their wall, you need content that informs, delights and does its job just right.

A Savvy Call-to-Action

Readers want to know why you’re hanging around in their inbox. Your email body copy and subject line do most of the heavy lifting, but a call-to-action (CTA) is the icing on the cake.

A good CTA should make it clear what you want readers to do with the wisdom your email just imparted. That means you need to link to a highly relevant product page or offer — not some generic part of your website that has nothing to do with the email content. It’s also important to choose your wording carefully; you want to provide information, offer a solution, promise an opportunity or otherwise gain a reader’s attention. Truth be told, I’m not going to click on a CTA link unless your phrasing gives me a really good reason to do so.


The final tool in your email arsenal is also one of the most important: personalization.

Get Your Email Marketing Fix

If you’re pretty sure you’ll never see fonts the same way again, this blog post has done its job.

Remember, fonts can have a big impact — but they’re only one part of the email marketing puzzle. You need elements like great body copy, a powerful CTA and a healthy dose of personalization to really stand out in a crowded inbox.

Are you looking for examples of all these email marketing practices in action? Not to brag, but the Brafton email newsletter has it all. Subscribe today to see for yourself!

Editor’s Note: Updated March 2024.

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